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Yes, the more wax you buy, the better the price. If you regularly wax, we recommend you get the largest amount of wax to save money.

Waxing Pearls only grabs the hair, not the skin unlike other waxing methods.

Please follow the instructions below to properly utilize the wax.

It works great on all body parts, large (back, legs, arms, bikini) and small (nose, eyebrows, lip area).

No, the wax will harden by itself and you can peel off a corner and rip it just like a band-aid.

Yes, of course!
You can easily do it using two cotton buds on which you apply wax.
Aloe Vera is amazing for helping the skin heal much faster and revitalizing it. Make sure you clean your skin well so it’s dry and grease-free.

People who wax on a regular basis notice a significant decrease in their hair growth and thickness.

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